Mmmm, childhood memories.

I have been trying to cut back on my sugar intake. Instead of having it make up 80% of my diet, I 'm working toward 40-50%. So as I am sitting here feeling deprived, I thought of my favorite treat on earth so far. Japanese Rice Candy. If you have never had rice candy, you must get some right now! They have just the perfect amount of sweetness and chewiness, and I'm not sure what flavor they are supposed to be, but I think it's called "perfect". My parents grew up in Hawaii and Hong Kong, and appanently these types of treats are plentiful there.

You can find them locally at Asian Markets, or online at:



Anonymous said...

I love Rice Candy. We can get it here locally for less than .50 sometimes .25.

I think when my son was about 5 he saw it in the local store and asked for it. I was reluctant but didn't want to impede his 'discovery'. He loved it and I did too. We've been loving it since.

Stores that sell it here: usa
trader joes, safeway, wal-mart(please shop somewhere else if you can pleas), and raleys

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