Away we fly!

Actually we are driving... for fourteen hours.
I am so excited to go to Oregon and see my sweet little sissy!
We will be gone till the 20th - my birthday - but as a farewell gift, here is a peek at my most recent painting. Hope to finish it as soon as we return.
Hugs and kisses!

The Red White and Whew!

This is how I felt after the 4th of July! I was going a million directions at once, trying to keep my children alive while allowing them to have fun. Not an easy task for me.

We all had a lovely day, nobody got injured except Sophia almost drowned in a pie at the pie eating contest. Isaac thought the fireworks were "boofull", Isabelle was in sugar wonderland, and we all slept like rocks!

July 4th is Almost Here!

The other night I was in a patriotic mood and I did these little watercolor paintings.
I am so excited for our small town celebration!

Some of my most memorable 4th of July memories:

-The showering sparks of the overhead fireworks (and the occasional ground explosion)
-Driving the horse carriage carrying the mayor and his wife (and not killing anyone)
-Being a Floozy in the Melodrama!
-When I was 8, I used cardboard, scissors and tape to transform my bike into a beautiful horse and ride it in the parade dressed as a cowgirl (I made it half-way and flicka fell apart)
-Mmmmm, shaved ice!
-Watching the rodeo (wishing the greased piglets would get away and run free)
-Skinny dipping in the dam (what's more American?)
-The Fish Pond (I always wanted to be like Polyanna and pull out a full sized porcelain doll)
-Selling watermelon wedges and dill pickles all day and making about $3.50 (anyone remember the size of the watermelon wedges on Polyanna? Mine were the same size, and about the same price)
-Sparklers, Flowers and Snakes! Oh, and smoke bombs on occasion.
-Being hot, sweaty and sticky, and not caring one bit!

I love the 4th, and I hope my children can share some of the same memories!
I hope you all have a lovely Independence Day!