Isabelle Owl Pattern

Isabelle Owl Pattern, originally uploaded by mytinystar.

Are you ready for spring?
I sure am, that's why I like Heather Bailey's new fabric line "Nicey Jane".
It is so lovely and springy, I just had to make an owl with it.
I have a new PDF sewing pattern available in my etsy shop!
Post a comment on the post and you could win a free copy of my pattern.
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The winners will be chosen Monday, March 1st.

When I see an elephant fly


Winged Elephant Papercraft 01, originally uploaded by paperkraft.

I love paper creations, and I just found this lovely flying pachyderm created by the curiosity group. Here is the free printable.
Watch him come to life in this fun stop-motion video.
The kids and I are going to make him today.
It makes me want to cut and fold paper all day...dang that laundry and dirty dishes!

A Cold Heart

Saturday I had this lovely vision of my children picking up the pieces of our old, decapitated snowman, and creating a Valentine version. I told them my great idea, they seemed somewhat interested, I enticed them with the offer of having friends come over, they were very interested.

So when the friends came, somehow they kept themselves occupied with everything but snowman building. I kept reminding them of their super fun snowman project they wanted to do so badly, which my daughter lovingly reminded me that it was my idea. They did go outside, but instead of helping my grand vision come to fruition, they pelted each other with ice-balls.
When they came in drenched and cold, I asked how the snowman turned out, and they replied that they found better things to do.
Better? What could be better than a Valentine snowman??
So as they sipped their cocoa I made my very own. It wasn't the jovial, bonding experience I had envisioned, though the kids did knock on the window every so often to encourage me.
She's not that attractive, but you wouldn't be either if you had potatoes for eyes. I just couldn't have a decapitated snowman on Valentine's day.
They all loved her, especially her tomato lips. If I would have just gone out with them to begin with, I'm sure my vision would have been complete.
But it was cold out there.
Happy V-Day, may your heart be warmer than Mrs. Snowmom!

Because I love you


I have been hibernating in my creative cave for the past couple months,
and I think it is time to emerge.

I have been going a bit nuts, and have created over 100 fabric designs just in the last month, and I am just getting started. Most of them are not yet public on my spoonflower page, but will be soon.

I have also been designing party decor and stationary which will soon be available in my shop as pdf printables.
I thought it would be fun to have a free valentine card and envelope set for my faithful blog readers (all 14 of you), because I love you so!

I hope you all have a sweet and hug filled Valentine's Day!