Hoo makes a cute owl?


Soren, originally uploaded by mytinystar.
helmet 3

We go to a movie once in a blue moon around here, but it just so happens that we saw the movie "The Guardians of Ga'hoole" a few weeks before Halloween, so of course we now have an owl obsessed boy. Here is his costume, and his daddy made him an awesome hand-tooled leather guardian helmet. It felt like the Weta workshop all over again...sigh!

A Quilt and some Guilt

A few months ago Sophia (my 10 year old) and I entered in a mini quilt contest
All the entries are being auctioned off to raise money for the alliance on ebay and ours ends tonight.
The rest of the quilts are here.  

I just thought I'd post about since it seems I haven't posted a single blasted thing in months!!!
That's where the guilt comes in.  I'm so sorry I've disappeared, I'm really am still here.  I feel guilt for not updating my blog, for not visiting the wonderful blogs of others, and for being the recluse
I have become.  This summer we added a few new family members to our household:  6 sheep, 4 goats, 2 puppies, 14 chickens (after eating a few roosters) and 2 kittens.  I am currently sleeping with a baby monitor at night because I am so excited to be midwife for my goat who is due to kid and day.
We have had a great summer of scooping poop, building fences, and neglecting the garden.
We are still here, and we still love you.  And Stina, I'm sorry I haven't sent your package yet, what is wrong with me?  I will send extra special goodies to make up for my extreme tardiness!

RObotS hims and hers

I never knew that I liked drawing robots, but they are so fun cause pretty much anything goes.
It has become our Sunday ritual to draw robots during church (I listen best when I'm drawing;), and I have drawn robot EVERYTHING!  Robot elephants, robot dragons, robot butterflies, robot sharks, robot crocodiles, even robot mermaid dragonfly princesses!

So of course I had to participate in this week's spoonflower fabric design challenge which is "ROBOTS".  Because I feel that there is a shortage of girly robot fabric in the world, I entered the pink "robo buddies" design.

If you would like to vote on all the robolicious designs
you can do so HERE.

In Print


Remember this post?  It seems like a million years ago.
The Book is now available, and it's pretty neat seeing my illustrations in print.  It's a beautiful book filled with fabulous gardening tips and lovely photos, not to mention cute little drawings;)  
Great job Joy and Karen!


It's available for purchase here and here.
Now I have no excuse but to have a fabulously joyful garden!
If only this handy little book had expert weeding skills.

Snow White and Rose Red Puppets

The latest fabric design challenge at spoonflower is to create a puppet design on a fat quarter. Since I love fairy tales, and I like to maximize my space in my designs, I did all the main characters in the tale "Snow White and Rose Red". It's a lovely tale of enchantment which can be read here. They are designed for small hands, and the bear and the prince are meant to be sewn together for a quick transformation. The other puppets need a coordinating backing. They are hand-painted in gouache, and were so fun to design.
Voting doesn't start till Thursday, but I noticed there are lots of fun puppet designs already visible at spoonflower.

Tessellation Celebration

It's been a while huh!  I've been sitting in the chaos of my creative dungeon doing
taxes this week, and they are finally done.  
Of course I had to make time to enter the current fabric design challenge at 
spoonflower which is tessellations.
 I had fun playing with many ideas, but settled on this. 
Wild Horses Tessellation
There are many a fine tessellation entered in this design challenge, so pop over and vote
for your favorites HERE.  Sorry I'm a crappy blogger, I have been busy with taxes, 12 baby chicks, and 2 puppies, in addition to the wild animals that already live here.

jungle safari swatches


jungle safari swatches, originally uploaded by mytinystar.

I'm loving spoonflower! The lovely little site where you can have your own fabric designs printed. Here is a swatch sampler of my Jungle Safari collection. I am going to make a whole nursery bedding set out of these prints, so check back. Have a great weekend!



Lucky, originally uploaded by mytinystar.



star, originally uploaded by mytinystar.

Going through our family photos over the past few months, I only had one or two of me, and they were pretty much hideous. Wouldn't it be nice if someone said, "Oh look how cute mom is, let me go get my camera". Don't get me wrong, I do prefer being behind the camera instead of in front of it, it just would be nice if my efforts (of being cute) were appreciated once in a while. So I had my 4 year old take this picture of me. Not to shabby once a put a gaussian blur on the clutter behind me.
I hope your week is going well! And don't forget to wear green so your bum doesn't get pinched!

Foxy Loxy

I'm not sure what drives me to do the things I do.
An insanely scattered brain... an enormous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chip munching at midnight... perhaps I have a tiny alien inhabiting my inner ear.
Of course while having a million other things to do including much needed housework, I found it necessary to do these illustrations.
They weren't created for any particular reason, I just sketched them one day and thought they would be fun to digitally color.

I was happy with how they turned out, and Isaac loves them.
I am excited to have something that appeals to little boys in my shop
which is a bit overrun with girly things. They are going to be available in the
shop this week in a 5"x7" size.
Let me know what you think of Foxy Loxy, Cocky Locky and Goosey Loosey.