Spring's New Adventure

My little sister Spring is moving to Portland Oregon on the 31st. She's all grown up and off on a great adventure. If anyone is looking for a fabulous Graphic Artist in the Portland area, I know one that will be there soon! I am so happy to have a really good excuse to visit one of my favorite states, that excuse would be to visit my favorite (and only) sister in the world. I hope you have a wonderful time with Nater Potater! Save me some Barnacle Bills smoked salmon! This painting is of Lucy taking a ride by balloon. She is hovering over what could be the Oregon coast.
That little red house is where Spring is going to live (wouldn't that be nice).
Adventure by Balloon 10"x10"x3/4" Acrylic on Canvas

I love you sis! I wish I had that dress in my size.

Lucy is Likable?

I finally finished a couple of the paintings I have been working on.
I have had a fixation with red lately, so that is the reason for the red background.
I hope you like my big-eyed girlies!
Lucy 10"x10"x3/4" Acrylic on Canvas

Looking at those sparkling blue eyes just brightens my day.

It's barefoot time!

Springtime is barefoot time around here. There's nothing like grass stained footsies on a warm spring day! I am finished with 2 more paintings. Images to come. Have a lovely memorial day!

Cherry Dress is finished!

I started this a while ago, and I pulled it out yesterday morning to finish it before Isabelle grew too big. She wore it to church, and looked good enough to nibble. It's her first handmade dress by mommy. I created a cloth shoe pattern that I am still working the kinks out of, but they were the perfect finishing touch. Oh, this is the fabric that inspired my
"Cherry Pickin' Sisters" illustration.

"Star Girl" Doll

This is my "Star Girl" doll inpired of course by my "Star Girl" painting. She was time consuming, but fun to make. I love her spikey hair! She is all handmade, with removable soft courdoroy dress and hand-painted face. I am also going to make her a little star friend to fit in her pocket. More dolls and softies to come.