Yes, I destroyed my blog.
In the effort to make some small changes, I somehow erased all my links and such,
and due to my lack of technical abilities, I'm sure it will take me a while to get it
looking right. Oh poo!

On a more positive note, I recently added some more original softies to my shop
so go swim on over and see them. Hope your day is fabuloso!

Something Fishy

Here is my most recent entry in the spoonflower fabric contest.
The theme is "fish" with a limited color scheme.
I call it Koi Joy.
Once again, if you like my design vote HERE.
If you want to see all my public designs go here.

See my Doll

Or should I say dolls;)
Here is the finished Audrey doll, and she was a big hit with my little Isabelle.
My design didn't make into the spoonflower finals, but I had
fun making it, and love the motivation the contests give me.
Vote for one of the fabulous doll panel finalists HERE.

Educashunal Website


I just happened upon this today and had to share it.
I was looking for some sites with fun educational games to play
with my 4 year old. And this site came up at the top of my google search.

Look closely at the site review by USA TODAY.
Here's a closer look.

The site boasts that it is trusted by over 30 million parents, that's got to be at least 90 million kids right? What's this werld cuming to?