We Have a Winner!!!

The winner of the needle-felted bunny is JULIE !!! The random number generator has spoken. Thank you everyone who entered,
I hope you each have a chance to win one of my future giveaways.
That was fun, I will be doing another very soon so keep checking back. If you are a winner you can still enter in future giveaways. Julie, I will be sending off your tiny package tomorrow.

Here are a few of my current projects I am working on.

Have a lovely week!

Puppets and a GIVEAWAY!

I finished my first batch of cone puppets, and they have the full stamp of approval from all 3 of my urchins. They have hand-sculpted polymer heads, that I painstakingly painted and sealed with a non-toxic gloss sealer.

We have a Giraffe, a Fruit Bat, a Parrot, and a Pink Cat. They were
time consuming, but so fun to make! If you have any ideas for future creations, let me know, the possibilities are endless!

I plan to take a little video to show them in peek-a-boo action. That is when they really shine.

AND AThanks to my friend Kate, I discovered Sweet Lavender quilt shop. The girls and I went yesterday (I am sooo glad Isaac was having a Daddy day, lots of "please do not touch" signs), it was a wonderland! I bought my first needle felting needles and wool, and here is my first creation. As a thank you for the 3 people who visit my blog, I am giving this little sweet bunny away to a random commenter. How to play: Just place a comment on this post, nothing fancy, just say hi. Then in 4 days (Monday the 30th) I will pick a winner with the random number generator, and send this bunny to you!

I don't think I have mentioned it yet on this blog, but my hope is that I can build a little business using my interesting skills, so that Lee won't have to work his second job. I want to find something that I can do to contribute while still being home with the kids, that will allow Lee some more family time. As a firefighter he already works about 264 hours a month, plus another 40+ at his second job. I did the math, the average 9-5 worker works about 160 hours a month. Lee works almost double that! Sorry about my Rambling!

I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement. I think I will be doing at least one giveaway each month, so keep checking back!

Make and Take Crafty Day!

A few days ago I had some fabulous visitors. My sissy-in-law Mindy (and her baby in belly) visiting from Connecticut, and my friend Tiffany with her 3 darling kidos came for a craft day. I found a couple vintage cone puppets at a thrift store several years ago, and seeing how much they delighted my children, I finally made a pattern to make my own. I have some that are almost finished to list in my shop soon. Anyway, we had so much fun, but I think they were quite disturbed with the level of chaos I somehow function in.

My Tiny Pirate

I have been working on a kajillion projects, but I am not quite finished with any of them. It's been a busy week, and my brain is so scattery (word?) that I flit from project to project, glueing here, sewing there, painting and drawing, oh yes, and nursing, changing, dressing, playing, and cooking (but not much cleaning). Anyway, I thought I'd post a sketch I just finished, plus the photo of my little inspiration. Isaac reminds me of Peter Pan in the younger years.

This little pirate is going to be a digital collage.
I'll post him here when he is finished and ready for the shop.

Double click for a better view, and print for a free coloring page for the kidos.

Have a lovely weekend!
And thanks for your loyal support (Kate, Victoria, etc.)!!!

New Girls in Shop

I just listed these cute little girls in the shop. Gray Elephant 5 1/2"x7 1/2" Original Watercolor

Reading Rachel 5 1/2"x 7 1/2" Original Watercolor


Wow, that was alot of work! I am new to etsy, so putting on new listings is time consuming! Here are some pics of my new creations that can be found in my shop. Thank you for the feedback and comments and kind emails.
Toady-back Ride Acrylic on Canvas 8"x10"x1"


My Darling Dashing Deer

Here are my new softies and paintings. The Deer are designed and made by me with hand-painted faces and spots. They are crafted using 100% cotton fabric, with soft pink flannel inside the ears.

These little fawns were so fun to make. I did a little boy and girl to match my paintings. They have been approved by Issac and Sophia. These will be listed in my shop tonight.My Darling Deer 8"x8"x1" Acrylic on Canvas
My Dashing Deer 8"x8"x1" Acrylic on Canvas

Welcome to my blog

Hi, I've been blogging to myself for a couple months now, and finally got up the nerve to go public. Please feel free to comment on my work. I will be listing a whole bunch of creations in my shop on tuesday the 3rd and wednesday the 4th.