Forest Friends Dress

Here in my new entry in the spoonflower fabric design contest.
Vote HERE. (psst. I'm Star Primm)
The theme is "Children's Clothing", and the assignment was to design a piece of children's apparel with pattern pieces and instructions all on one yard of fabric. I made a little dress that will fit 18 months - 3T, and it features my watercolor illustrations of some tiny forest friends. I made a prototype out of white muslin, and it fits my little Isabelle just perfectly. I am still waiting to receive my printed fabric, so once it arrives I will post photos of the finished dress.

forest friends dress, originally uploaded by mytinystar.


Yes, I destroyed my blog.
In the effort to make some small changes, I somehow erased all my links and such,
and due to my lack of technical abilities, I'm sure it will take me a while to get it
looking right. Oh poo!

On a more positive note, I recently added some more original softies to my shop
so go swim on over and see them. Hope your day is fabuloso!

Something Fishy

Here is my most recent entry in the spoonflower fabric contest.
The theme is "fish" with a limited color scheme.
I call it Koi Joy.
Once again, if you like my design vote HERE.
If you want to see all my public designs go here.

See my Doll

Or should I say dolls;)
Here is the finished Audrey doll, and she was a big hit with my little Isabelle.
My design didn't make into the spoonflower finals, but I had
fun making it, and love the motivation the contests give me.
Vote for one of the fabulous doll panel finalists HERE.

Educashunal Website


I just happened upon this today and had to share it.
I was looking for some sites with fun educational games to play
with my 4 year old. And this site came up at the top of my google search.

Look closely at the site review by USA TODAY.
Here's a closer look.

The site boasts that it is trusted by over 30 million parents, that's got to be at least 90 million kids right? What's this werld cuming to?

Audrey and Pippin

When I was young I desperately wished for my own pet fawn,
well to be honest I wanted a pet everything, but especially a sweet baby deer.
I have always loved pictures of Audrey Hepburn with her pet deer Pippin, and have had
great plans to create something using them as inspiration.
So when I heard about spoonflower's doll panel theme, I couldn't help myself.

Please vote for my design HERE
I ordered a yard of it that will be arriving any day, so I will post photos of
the finished dolls and deer soon.

Spoonflower finalist! Please Vote!

My design made it into the final stage of voting... please come vote for me!
The design is titled tree2, the place for voting is HERE.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love spoonflower? Well I do, where else can you design and print your own fabric in whatever quantity you want and have it in hand in about a week? And now we can buy fabric from other spoonflower members! If you don't have an account, it is quick and painless to set one up. So what are you waiting for?
Here are my designs I received yesterday, I am so happy with them!

Now I better get busy sewing them into something! Maybe after costume season is over.

Harvest time & Vote for my fabric design...please

It seems the cold weather sneaks up on me every autumn. It snuck up on my pumpkins too, most of them didn't have a chance to turn orange. My 9 year old says they will make great

This is the first time I have entered a fabric design in one of spoonflower's contests.
The theme is "numbers", this little owlie tree is what I came up with.
If you like it, please vote for my design here. My design is number 33.
I hope you are all enjoying the change of the seasons, I am so excited for Halloween, candy and COSTUMES!!!

Oh Deer

Here are the swatches of my darling deer fabric printed at the fabulous spoonflower.
Deery creations coming soon!

Summer Snippets

We have been busy bees this summer!

Due to my lack of multi-tasking skills, I have been a lousy blogger lately,
but we have enjoyed many a warm and sunny day.
With all our traveling and crazy projects, my favorite days of the summer were the ones I stayed home, didn't put my shoes on all day, and sat in my lawn chair watching the kids play in the sprinklers. Remind me to simplify my life in time for next summer! I am a little sad that summer is over, but I do love autumn with the cooler weather, Halloween, and harvest time.

Recognize this?

Lovely Zinnia seeds courtesy of Zinnikki. Thank you!

Banana Cream, mmmmm!

A bunch of cute kids.
Sarah and Shaun's wedding cake and fab enertainment. (I'm the one with the black afro)
I hope you all had a great summer!
I'd love to hear about your favorite summer days!

Time for Lunch!

School has begun, and so has the taunting, ridicule, and such.
I have been made aware by my 4th grade daughter that disney princess lunch bags are no longer considered cool. That's not the main reason I replaced her lunch bag, after 3 years of use, it smelled strongly of moldy peanut butter and banana peels.
Here is last night's project, and it was all worth it when I heard my daughter's squeals of delight this morning. The pattern needs some fine tuning, but I like how it turned out, and she can fit enough lunch for an army inside!

Speaking of mold and taunting, I stumbled upon these lovely lunch bags.
I never had any problems with bullies trying to steal my lunch, but these sure would have come in handy when I had something so yummy I didn't want to share.



Enter in fun giveaways at the DRESS-UP DRAWER. There are some great items featured including my Oliver Owl Pattern and a choice of a print from my shop.

The Float

Here are some pics of the float I designed for the Pioneer Day parade on July 24th.
Have you ever made a 6 ft tall paper mache bulldog? If you are planning to, please contact me and I will talk you out of it! I don't know what I was thinking, but I do like the way the school house turned out! I was awake for 58 hours straight, probably lost a year of my life, but boy was it worth it! A big thank you to all my wonderful helpers!

Away we fly!

Actually we are driving... for fourteen hours.
I am so excited to go to Oregon and see my sweet little sissy!
We will be gone till the 20th - my birthday - but as a farewell gift, here is a peek at my most recent painting. Hope to finish it as soon as we return.
Hugs and kisses!

The Red White and Whew!

This is how I felt after the 4th of July! I was going a million directions at once, trying to keep my children alive while allowing them to have fun. Not an easy task for me.

We all had a lovely day, nobody got injured except Sophia almost drowned in a pie at the pie eating contest. Isaac thought the fireworks were "boofull", Isabelle was in sugar wonderland, and we all slept like rocks!

July 4th is Almost Here!

The other night I was in a patriotic mood and I did these little watercolor paintings.
I am so excited for our small town celebration!

Some of my most memorable 4th of July memories:

-The showering sparks of the overhead fireworks (and the occasional ground explosion)
-Driving the horse carriage carrying the mayor and his wife (and not killing anyone)
-Being a Floozy in the Melodrama!
-When I was 8, I used cardboard, scissors and tape to transform my bike into a beautiful horse and ride it in the parade dressed as a cowgirl (I made it half-way and flicka fell apart)
-Mmmmm, shaved ice!
-Watching the rodeo (wishing the greased piglets would get away and run free)
-Skinny dipping in the dam (what's more American?)
-The Fish Pond (I always wanted to be like Polyanna and pull out a full sized porcelain doll)
-Selling watermelon wedges and dill pickles all day and making about $3.50 (anyone remember the size of the watermelon wedges on Polyanna? Mine were the same size, and about the same price)
-Sparklers, Flowers and Snakes! Oh, and smoke bombs on occasion.
-Being hot, sweaty and sticky, and not caring one bit!

I love the 4th, and I hope my children can share some of the same memories!
I hope you all have a lovely Independence Day!

New Watercolor Collage


Here is the story of my new watercolor collage. It was going to be just a watercolor, but Isaac got a hold of my large scalloped paper punch, and chomped holes in the corners. I wasn't sure of what I should do, it was a mess, so I cut out around the image which somehow survived. Then it evolved from there, but no sooner had I put the finishing touches on it and laid it down to dry, the little monster threw a ball across the room and knocked half my desk, including the painting to the ground. After some touch-ups, it is finally done, and hopefully safe from the rapscallion, but is anything safe....really??
I need help with a title for this little painting.
Any suggestions?

My Precious Jewels

I am so excited about my new lovely jewels made by my friend Stina.
She and I did a little handmade swap, and I love the earrings and matching bracelet she gave me. They are made of the finest materials and were packaged so perfectly!
Check out her shop here, and her lovely blog here.

Thank you sweet Stina, I feel oh so pretty when I wear these!

A giveaway!

I'm popping in to say hi, and let you know there are some mytinystar items being given away on this lovely blog.

I haven't hosted a giveaway for a while, so I'd like to thank Mique for doing it for me.
I have so many projects going all at once, it makes my head spin, now if I can just get a couple finished!
Is it normal for a mother of an 8, 3 and 1 year old to celebrate (with loud singing) the first time a child remembers to remove his shoes at the front door? Or smother the same child with kisses and praise when he doesn't bite while I brush his teeth. That's my life in a nutshell.

Gardening Book

Last week I finished the illustrations for a gardening book. It was kind of a funny project for me for a couple reasons: First of all, gardening does NOT come naturally to me. I love to do it, I try year after year, but with very little success. Luckily it does come naturally to my mom, she always saves the day. Second, I never imagined my first book having pictures of hula hoes and dandelion diggers, not that I mind, I just imagined drawing something like fire breathing dragons and clifftop castles. I'm not sure when it will be available for purchase, but I will be sure to post that info. Here are a few of my illustrations.

Drip line of a Tree Pruning Tools

Planting a Tree
I am excited to get a copy of the book for myself.
I know there is so much I can learn!

We are going to have a bumper crop of pears this year!
(I have managed to keep the trees alive)
Sorry I've been hibernating for a while, I was hoping the sunshine and warmth would coax me out of this little hole I've found myself in. Not yet, but I'll climb out soon.
Have a happy week!