The Christmas Cloak


I always dreamed of having a red velvet cloak, so when Sophia was 3 I made her just that.
I made it a few sizes big so it would last. She looked so elegant as it brushed the snow as she walked. Well, the funny thing is that here is that same cloak. At 8 it still fits her, that's the great thing about cloaks, no sleeves to grow out of.
I hope you all had a warm and happy Thanksgiving! We are decorating the tree today, it's like magic, once the tree goes up everyone is a little sweeter, a little quieter, and the number of hugs and kisses being distributed has greatly increased!
I think I should keep it up all year!
Here's a couple hugs and a kiss for all of you... Smoosh....Smoochy..Squish..!

Sweet little doll for a sweet little girl!


I am finally posting pics of the custom doll I made for my recent giveaway winner. This cute little girl is Amberlyn, and I had fun making a little friend for her in her likeness.

Thank you Jenice,
and a thank you to everyone who entered and donated to the Nielson family!

Kid Costumes 2008

Here they are!Tiny Princess Leia,And the cutest Garden Gnome ever!
This is what you get when your children are raised on old movies.
All Sophia wanted to be was Shirley Temple from "Captain January", what mom could refuse that request? We had many nights of wrapping her hair in rags to create the perfect ringlets. I designed her costume to be a cozy jacket style sailor top, with separating zipper and grosgrain ribbon trim. It is made of soft cotton flannel, and she loves it so much she's worn it many times since.I was trying to think of something warm and snuggly to make for the other kids since we frequently have snow on Halloween. Both the Gnome and Princess Leia costumes are made of polar fleece, with a faux for beard and metallic pleather belt. The Leia hat is my favorite, I think I will size up my pattern and make one for myself to wear snowboarding this season. Yes, I am that strange. All three were a smashing success with all who saw them, and it made me happy that they were all cozy and comfortable. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!