Happy Earth Week!

I celebration of Earth Week, my dear Sophia did this watercolor illustration.
She amazes me every day!

Check out all the cool animals she drew from memory!

Happy Earth week from Star and Sophia!

Still Recovering

There are not many times in my life that I have felt it was necessary to pull an all nighter. And looking back, none of those times was it at all necessary, or worth the pain of recovery. Oh well, that didn't stop me from doing it again, this time to make Easter dresses for my girls, and of course a matching tie for my boy. "They won't always allow me to dress them in matching clothes", "I still have a few more days to do our taxes", "I really want to feel like a walking zombie for the next few days", these are the excuses I gave my husband as he scolded me yesterday morning.

And of course with all the morning craziness and chocolate binging, there wasn't time for pictures till after church. Thus we have slightly disheveled girls, and the tie had been chocolate smeared and removed by then. Oh well, Sophia felt beautiful and this is the girl's first time being so matchy. Hopefully not their last. Both dresses are my own designs, and were made with a pair of recycled cotton pajama pants and bits of designer fabric. I like how they turned out. zzzzzzz Was it worth it? zzzzzzz

Drum Roll Please...

(Enough with the late night posting already)

...For those of you that have waited so patiently, I would like to announce the availability of my Oliver Owl Pattern in my shop! YIPPEE!!! After having to make it twice, trying to figure out the whole PDF thing (my first), and having a computer that freezes constantly, oh and top that off with three kids and a messy house... it's pretty much a miracle!

I am offering this pattern at a discount for the first 10 buyers as a little thank you.

Happy Owl Making!