The Thinking Bench

Sophia asked why she was so sad, I told her that she's not sad, she's just thinking.
It looks like a good bench for thinking, don't ya think? Maybe she's thinking about her cool cowgirl boots, or perhaps she's imagining a way to escape from those curly vines when they attack;)

Cherry Pickin' Sisters


These are my "Cherry Pickin' Sisters". When there are two sisters there is usually a glamorous talented one and a practical helpful one. Except for me and my sister, she is the glamorous, talented, practical, helpful one, and I'm the one eating all the cherries! This piece is a watercolor, and was inspired by some fabric I have been using to sew Isabelle a dress. I love cherries! I love sisters! Oh, and I made that glamorous/practical thing up.

Goose Girl

"Don't forget to walk the goose!" her mother called. This is "Goose Girl", it was inspired by the flocks of Canada Geese that have been cruising our town. It is so wonderful to see and hear the birds again! My favorite part of this painting is the knit skirt, it looks so cosy and hip.

First painting for Etsy

This is the first painting I plan to list on etsy. I just love those stripey stockings! This is my "Star Girl", and you guessed it, she is holding a star. I wanted to add a visual image to
my shop name. Anyway, here she is, and have a lovely day!

Star Girl 10"x10"x1" Acrylic on Canvas

my tiny star


Where did "my tiny star" come from?
My tiny star is the name I picked about 4 1/2 years ago when I created my website (which is currently being updated). I was selling custom costumes and children's clothing on ebay at the time, and Sophia was my little model, so because she is a tiny little me, mytinystar was born. I also have the philosophy that everyone has a spark of divinity inside them, and that spark is what gives us this urge to create. I envisioned this spark as a tiny glowing star tucked inside my pocket, and how it just wants to shine for the world to see. We each find our creative outlet in different ways, and each is equally important. I am trying to pull my star out of my pocket, and share it's light with you. Let me know if you need some sunglasses.

Welcome to my tiny blog!

Hi, my name is Star and this is my blog. It's just a little blog that I will use to post my creations and inspiration for many of them. I do hope people will view and appreciate it, and I welcome all comments on my work. Now for a little bit about me: I am a mother of 3 darling and energetic kids. They keep me pretty busy, but in the quiet moments (usually when they are asleep), I sneak into my craft room, and create. My problem is that I love to create EVERYTHING! I see these fabulous "studios" of fellow artists, with the impeccable neatness and order, and I wonder how this is possible. (My studio is literally a jungle, all four walls are jungle murals) I love to be surrounded with supplies of all kinds, and when I complete a project, my space looks like a tornado just blew on through! I'll have to work on that. My youngest child was born in December 07, and she was so colicky, that she ruled my life up the end of March. During those months of pacing and rocking with cotton filled ears, something snapped in me. The need to release my creative energy multiplied tenfold, and as soon as she allowed it, I started to draw. I've been carrying my sketch book everywhere, drawing whatever comes to my mind. My life is a constant stream of inspiration while I watch my children discover their world, being surrounded by nature. My sweet husband has been playing with the kids for a few hours on each of his days off to allow me some extra "me" time (acrylic paint and 2 year olds don't mix!). He Rocks! I plan to list my first paintings and creations within the next couple months on etsy, so check back soon!