Smile Smile Smile

My kids and I love Dan Zanes' "zany" music.
I found this free download on Amazon today, so if you want some fun free music, here ya go.
Isaac is dancing a silly dance to "House Party Time" right now.

I had to snap a picture of my breakfast, I don't remember my food ever having so much personality. Despite his happy grin, I gobbled him up without any guilt.

I had to laugh when I found these. These have got to be the oddest shaped bandaids around, and you know I love odd shaped bandaids.
I did this little watercolor a few weeks ago. I have been doing lots of fairy sketches lately, but this is Thumbelina grasping a bit of yarn as her butterfly friend takes her for a ride. She'll get her wings soon I'm sure.

We are currently doing a remodel on our tiny guest bathroom. I will be so happy when it's done. New sink, new fan, new floor, new walls, new faucet, old but still good toilet. Maybe I'll post pics when it's done.

Bedtime Bad Habits

Scratch my last post, okay not really.

Due to a severe lack of chocolate, I have developed a bad habit over the last week. I have such a difficult time with bedtime, especially with one little boy who will remain nameless... okay, let's just call him Screaming Monkey Boy. Actually there are two others, we'll call them... Whiney Wahini and Busybelle, who also have their bedtime meltdowns. Anyway, the bad habit I have developed (besides giving my kids silly nicknames) is that I base my children's behavior over the whole day, and my success as a parent, on these nightmarish bedtime moments. After the evening dust settles, and tears have dried, either wiped by mother or crusted to their cheeks, I wonder where I went wrong. I NEED the happy musings! The habit I am trying to implement is my evening ritual is to go though all the positive things that happened throughout the day. Two points for good or at least entertaining behavior, one negative point for not so good. Like when Isaac climbed into my lap this morning and snuggled up close saying, "Isaac a teddy bear", and when I asked him what mommy was he replied, "mommy a lollipop", and proceeded to lick my cheek. And when Sophia saved Isabelle from falling off the bench at the kitchen table for the 11th time today, or when she cleaned up her muddy footprints after being asked only once. And when Isabelle played quietly by herself for at least 15 minutes, and gave Isaac hugs and kisses even after he tortured her by repeatedly putting a laundry basket on her head. Actually, I got lots of hugs and kisses myself today, and that's got to count for something! Right now they are sleeping soundly, and I only have a small pile of dishes in the sink. A pretty decent day I would say!

Happy Little Things

Some days I feel like all I can do is hang on till bedtime. That's the time when I can sit down, unearth my secret stash of chocolate, and think about how I can make tomorrow better. It is in those quiet moments that I try to forget my many faults, weaknesses, and cluttery corners of my house (okay, I always try to forget those things), and think of the things that make me happy(chocolate helps immensely).

My darling friend Stina made a list of good things to think about that I loved, so I thought I'd share some of my own.

Things that make Star happy:

*bed head* *The smell of rain* *weeping willows* *odd shaped band aids* *fortune cookies*
*caterpillar hunting* *tree houses* *camping with cousins* *bread pudding* *star stickers*
*tiny painted toes* *pop-up books* *moon shadows* *first tracks* *80's toys* *fresh basil*
*costumes* *unicorns and pegasus* *yoga* *lilacs* *chocolate mint truffles* *tight hugs*
*wind chimes* *silky nightgowns* *singing lullaby's* *family prayer* *belly button lint*

I could keep on going, I love making happy lists, but I'll save some for another day.

Check out Stina's etsy shop where she sells wonderful handmade jewelry.

Oh, and I also love: *comments on my blog*
I would love to see your list!

A Mother's Love

Here is my new watercolor illustration titled
"A Mother's Love".
I will have prints and cards available in my shop just in time for Mother's Day.

Ready for Spring!

We are home!
I love family vacations, but I am such a stresser, I feel like I spend the entire time just keeping my children alive! They are all alive, so it was a smashing success!!!
After two weeks in California, I think I'm ready for more warmth and sunshine!
Of course we came home to icicles and piles snow, which is really okay since we have family coming in a couple weeks to go skiing.
We had a wonderful time, and the kids had plenty of cousin bonding which was way past due.

Hot dogs and s'mores taste best at the beach!
Thank you for joining in the "pay it forward" giveaway, I will definitely post pics of what I send once I decide what it is.
Now I think I need a little vacation from the kids, a shower will have to do.